How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

We need people to call, write, email, and visit in-person with their legislators and ask for their support in creating affordable access to health care for our kiddos.

The best thing for us to do is have a presence at the capital. Please talk to your legislators in person. It is actually pretty simple to set up an appointment, just call your legislators office and ask for one. Here are two links to find their numbers (click on Find My Legislators) or . Please also contact Rep. Nora Slawik at (651) 296-7807 or and Sen. Chris Eaton at (651) 296-8869 the co-chairs of the recently created Autism Task Force for the State of Minnesota.

Join us for Tuesdays At The Capitol !!!

A great place to go to find out more about legislative advocacy and for a link to find your legislators is . This is Amy Dawson’s website, she has a child who is diagnosed with ASD and is currently receiving IEIBT services. She is one of us and has been and continues to be a great activist for the Autism community as a whole. On her website there is a spot to sign up for “action alerts”, which is a super easy way to stay in the loop about what is going on. Go to to stay in the loop!

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