What do we want?

You might be saying:  What do we ask for?!?

What do we want our legislators to do for us??????

Our legislators need to ask Gov. Dayton to:
  • Include private insurance coverage for Autism in his budget because IEIBT helps kids who have Autism and IEIBT is evidence based. Private coverage does not cover IEIBT - consumers should not have to rely on public health care plans to get this essential coverage for their children.
  • Please support SEGIP as the benchmark plan for the essential benefits set - if it’s good for state employees it’s good for everyone!
  • Please fight against cuts in Medical Assistance/TEFRA to kids who have Autism
What is SEGIP?

SEGIP is the State Employee Group Insurance Plan; it is the health plan for all benefits-eligible State employees. Under federal health care reform each state has the opportunity to define the “essential health care benefits” that all private health insurance plans must cover. All private insurance policies would be required to cover these “essential benefits” in order to be sold in the state. One way for the state to choose what essential benefit set to select is to use a benchmark plan and one possible benchmark plan is the State Employee Group Insurance Plan. SEGIP is our best hope, a foot in the door, because currently it covers ABA therapy on a case by case basis when medically necessary.

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